Claudia Carr


Paul Carey Kent invited me and 5 other artists to discuss the Diebenkorn exhibition at the Royal Academy for ArtCritical magazine .
“…………Diebenkorn’s British reputation lay mainly with painters rather than the general public, so it made sense to take six well established painters to the show and seek their opinions on it. They split pretty much 50-50, with Michael StubbsDJ Simpson and Katrina Blannin persuaded of the importance of at least the Santa Monica years, but Claudia CarrChristina Niederberger and Dolly Thompsett finding little to praise in Diebenkorn’s whole oeuvre. The artists tackled several questions. Was Diebenkorn shown to advantage? What were the continuities between his three phases? Is the pre-Santa Monica work successful in its own right? And just how good is the late work?”…………..

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Diebenkorn, "Ocean Park 116", 1979